Filed Patents


Catechol Derivatives and Uses Thereof

Inventors: Daniel Ruiz-Molina; Juan Mancebo-Aracil and Josep Sedó Vegara

PCT: PCT/EP2018/070887
Priority date: 03/08/2017
Patent Number: EP3438093A1 and WO2019025498A1
Assignee: CSIC and ICN2
Status: In use (Granted, pending entry in National phase)

Nanoemulsion Optical Materials

Inventors: Claudio Roscini; Héctor Torres-Pierna and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

PCT: PCT/US2016/060644
Priority date: 14/12/2015
Patent Number: WO2017105666A1 and US20170166806
Asignee: CSIC, ICN2,Futurechromes S.L. and IOTA
Status: Granted USA

Coating with Photochromic Properties, Method for Producing Said Coating and Use Thereof Applicable to Optical Articles and Glazed Surfaces

Inventors: Jordi Hernando Campos; Claudio Roscini; Nuria Alexandra Vázquez Mera and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

PCT: PCT/ES2013/070132
Priority date: 08/03/2013
Patent Number: WO2013132123A1; US98855808B2; JP6151725B2; EP2823883B1; CN104394980B and IL234381A
Assignee: CSIC and UAB (untilPCT)
Licensees: Futurechromes S.L. [Confidential Licensee] for ophthalmic uses only
Status: Granted in USA, Japan, China, Israel and Europe

Metallo-Organic System for the Encapsulation and Release of Compounds of Interest, Method for Obtaining Same and Uses Thereof

Inventors: Inhar Imaz; Daniel Maspoch and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

PCT: WO2009133229A1
Priority date: 29/04/2008
Patent Number: US20110064775A1 and EP09738266A
Assignee: CSIC and ICN2
Licensees: Option to LUCTA S.A. and SAED S.A.
Status: Withdrawn (EP) / Abandonded (USA)


Film Made of a Polymeric Material Having Thermo-Photochromic Properties for Controlling the Colour of Glazed Surfaces and Plastic Materials

Inventors: Claudio Roscini; Àlex Julià-López and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

PCT: PCT/ES2017/070264
Priority date: 03/05/2016
Patent Number: WO2017191346A1
Asignee: CSIC, ICN2 and Futurechromes S.L.
Status: Withdrawn after industrial evaluation

Metalorganic Polymeric System of Coordination on a Micrometric/Nanometirc Scale, Production Method and Applications

Inventors: Daniel Ruiz-Molina; Fernando Novio Vázquez and Julia Lorenzo Rivera

PCT: PCT/ES2014/070944
Priority date: 19/12/2013
Patent Number: ES2541501B1 and WO2015092112A1
Assignee: CSIC and UAB
Status: Withdrawn after industrial evaluation and the viability with Nnaotech S.L. and Advanced Medical Projects due to technical restrictions

A Process for Preparing a Material Having Hydrophobic and/or Oleophobic Properties and Material thus Obtained

Inventors: Daniel Ruiz-Molina; Félix Busqué; Jordi Hernando Campos; Javier Saiz-Poseu; Josep Sedó Vegara; Beatriz García

PCT: PCT/IB2012/002215
Priority date: 02/11/2011
Patent Number: WO2013064886A1
Asignee: CSIC, ICN2 and ASCAMM
Status: Withdrawn after industrial evaluation funded by a validation project from the Generalitat de Catalunya due to technical restrictions (This is the seed of the patent PCT/2018/070887 licensed)


Catecholamine-based Membrane, Process for its Preparation and Uses Thereof 

Inventors: Salvio Suárez-García; Javier Saiz-Poseu and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

Patent application: EP21382516
Priority date: 10/06/2021
Assignee: ICN2, CSIC and UAB
Status: Filed (Europe)

Sample Holder for Film or Powder Samples

Inventors: Claudio Roscini; Gustavo Ceballos; Marc Maymó and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

Patent application: EP19283094.0
Priority date: 11/12/2019
Assignee: ICN2, CSIC and UAB
Status: Filed (Europe)

A Photoinduced Thermo(fluoro)chromic Composition

Inventors: Claudio Roscini; Jaume Ramon Otaegui Rabanal; Jordi Hernando Campos and Daniel Ruiz-Molina

Patent application: EP19383086.6
Priority date: 05/12/2019
Assignee: ICN2, CSIC and UAB
Status: Filed (Europe)