TIRECAT awarded for the best high-tech business project

TIRECAT awarded for the best high-tech business project

2 Nov 2020

Barcelona Activa awards TIRECAT with the prize for the best high-tech business project, with a financial contribution of 5,000 euros and access to an office space in the MediaTIC Incubator, as part of the sixth edition of the Preacceleration Program. The TIRECAT project, led by Dr. Salvio Suárez-García, focuses on the development of products for tissue regeneration. TIRECAT was selected in March to participate in this Preacceleration program, aiming to boost its business development.

The Preacceleration Program aims to support entrepreneurial projects that are in an initial phase and have a high technological impact. Thanks to this program, the selected teams have the opportunity to validate their business model in the hands of experts and to share experiences with similar entrepreneurial projects, thus accelerating their entry into the market. The program ended with the presentation of the ten participant projects during the DemoDay. In the first round, five of the projects were selected by a technical team. Then, in the final round, the selected finalists have made a presentation in front of a jury composed of sixteen experts from business, investors, academia and institutional areas. The evaluation criteria have been the focus on the market opportunity, economic viability of the project, degree of innovation, positive impact on the environment and the experience, trajectory, complementarity and commitment of the promoting team. The winning project was chosen by a vote.

The TIRECAT project, which recently received a LLAVOR grant, is performing the in vivo validation of the product – to be done in collaboration with Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona – to test the tissue regenerative capacity of these nanofilms. As a first application, the regenerative efficiency of the developed product will be tested in osteoarthritis condition. Upon successful completion of the tests, this technology will have the chance to be transferred to the industrial world through Medcom Tech, a medical device company led by Juan Sagalés.

The other projects participating in this edition have been Global Spinal Analytics (platform for calculating the risk-benefit associated with surgery for Adult Vertebral Deformity); Kibus Petcare (home appliance that cooks healthy pet food automatically); LiverColor (diagnostic tool for assessing the validity of organs prior to transplantation); MapSi Photonics (development of technology for the selective detection of gases); NARTIC (development of therapies based on the use of RNA molecules); Extreme Nomad Face (portable sunscreen device that maintains the stability and functionality of the product in the most extreme conditions); Process Talks (platform that allows the discussion design of processes incorporating Artificial Intelligence); Shimoku (solution to companies based on Artificial Intelligence) and TELMI (platform to help and improve the learning of musical instruments through audio and movement analysis).

In previous editions, projects such as Amalfi Analytics, Bytelab Solutions, Enlighting Technologies, Asgard Space, Pangea Aerospace, Tricopharming, BIOM and Sateliot have stood out. All of them successfully in the market.

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