Nanosfun is part of the MultiMetDrugs network

Nanosfun is part of the MultiMetDrugs network

27 Feb 2020

The mission of the Multifunctional Metallodrugs in Diagnosis and Therapy (MultiMetDrugs, RED2018-102471-T) network is to merge an array of complementary scientific competences to investigate new solutions to address the problems faced by today society to promote health and to develop original prodrug systems with unprecedented selectivity and efficacy.

The main objective of MultiMetDrugs is to face different diseases by means of multifunctional metallodrugs, which can act through various mechanisms of action. The metallodrugs go from molecular complexes to different nanomaterials (coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks-MOFs).

The different action of these drugs ranges from:

  1. Molecular compounds for targeted therapies.
  2. The use of different nanocarriers or encapsulation systems for drug delivery.
  3. The use of catalytic or photocatalytic reactions inside the biological systems.
  4. The use of drug photoactivation in photodynamic therapy.