Nanosfun become a member of “Conexión-Cáncer”, a CSIC network

Nanosfun become a member of “Conexión-Cáncer”, a CSIC network

25 Nov 2021

The network seeks to unit the relevant and productive cancer research carried out at the CSIC.

On the 24th of September, the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) launched “Conexión-Cáncer,” a research network born with the ambitious objective of bringing together the CSIC centers where this prevalent disease is investigated. Nanosfun group has been recently included in this network, aiming to boost our research in the area.

This initiative is expected to strengthen this strategic area of ​​research, positioning and making the CSIC visible as a key agent in investigating this complex pathology, which encompasses hundreds of different diseases. Together with the strengthening of the identity and visibility of the CSIC in oncology, it is expected that the synergies derived from the “Conexión-Cáncer” will allow an optimization of the use of cutting-edge technologies, the strengthening of connections with the clinic and the industry and an increase in attracting international resources in the context of the Cancer Mission of the current HorizonEU program of the European Union for the period 2021-2027.

Coordinated by researcher Dr. Ángela Nieto, from the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicante (CSIC-UMH), “Conexión-Cáncer” aims to unite the relevant and productive cancer research that is carried out at the CSIC, both in specific centers, such as the IBMCC Cancer Research Institute of Salamanca, as well as in other centers where, without being the thematic area of ​​research, there are relevant nodes dedicated to the study of cancer. Aware that cancer research is essential to tackle its high prevalence and of the need to join efforts among the different research groups, the CSIC considers cancer research a priority, and with this new network it intends to establish sustainable ties to medium and long term among the research staff of the different CSIC centers that research oncology.

Conexión-Cáncer” will also allow the establishment of greater interactions between the members of the CSIC and the institution itself with other essential agents for a comprehensive approach to cancer, such as hospitals, agencies of the Carlos III Health Institute (CNIO, CIBERONC), as well as scientific societies and of patients focused on this pathology.

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