Meet our Group and Technologies!

Meet our Group and Technologies!

22 Nov 2021

Nanosfun launched an interesting video showing the potential of photofunctional materials developed for different applications

A video about the applications developed by Nanosfun was premiered during the Puzzle XTM event.

Nanosfun is strongly working on developing new strategies for obtaining molecular (bio)nanostructures with adapted properties and smart responses to external stimuli, which can be incorporated into solid matrices, surfaces or as stable colloidal suspensions while retaining their initial features and performance. For this, a wide range of molecular and biological building blocks are used, using Nature as a strong source of inspiration. We work with the idea that ultimate control on every length scale and the interface is required to reach the intrinsic limits and functions of these (supra)molecular materials, with their future introduction in our everyday life insight.

The translation of the developed technologies from the lab to the market is strongly demanded. As scientists, we have the compromise to return to the society our investigations turned in real devices, products and applications for their benefit. To achieve this challenging objective, “Nanosfun is a multidisciplinary group made of physicists, biologists, chemists, and nanotechnologists and our main target is to face the transversal challenges that Nanotechnology is facing and especially at the level of molecular materials,” as Prof. Daniel Ruiz-Molina, leader of the Nanosfun group, said.

Enjoy our recently published video and know a bit more about what we do at Nanosfun!

One of the main research lines of Nanosfun is focused on developing smart and advanced materials based on photochromic principles. The main objective is to develop advanced nanostructured molecular materials that smartly modify their optical properties (i.e., absorption and emission) as a response to external stimuli, such as pH, temperature and light. These materials are of key relevance in near future commercial products that tackle social and environmental needs: sustainability, comfort and security. For this, we follow novel and emerging concepts, principally based on the micro/nanoencapsulation of oil or phase change materials mixtures of molecular dyes, which allow advanced, tunable and customizable optical change effects of different degrees of sophistication: from highly fast to irreversible responses, multiresponsiveness, multiple outputs (color, fluorescence), threshold-based changes, invisible (to the human eye) optical variations. “In general, we work from the idea, developing new concepts and then we try to bring these new concepts to the final real applications that could be for example in the ophthalmic sector, anticounterfeiting production of new rewritable devices, sensors, and so on,” as Dr. Claudio Roscini, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at Nanosfun, said.

The main objective of Nanosfun is to make a science of excellence. For this reason, Nanosfun strongly believes in cooperation with companies as well as in the establishment and protection of intellectual property. In fact, in our group, we already have two Spin-Offs and several contracts with different companies to bring our products to the market.