Join our group with a JAEintro-CSIC Scholarship!

Join our group with a JAEintro-CSIC Scholarship!

8 Nov 2021

Today, new JAEintro Scholarships have been published under “Conexión-Nanomedicina CSIC” network. In total, the CSIC offers 12 scholarships for initiation in nanomedicine to choose between 32 training programs.

Nanosfun is hiring a candidate for a specific scholarship (JAE_Nanomed_31) for the study and development of Bioinspired membranes for the treatment and regeneration of tissues.

The Nanosfun group aims to develop novel functional (supra)molecular and polymeric nanomaterials with application in Health and Environment. Specifically, one of our main research lines is the design and production of nanomaterials for tissue regeneration. Currently, the clinical translation of many regenerative therapies is hampered by its high production cost, toxicity, and low regenerative activity. For this reason, the development of new materials with advanced characteristics has become a priority. In this scenario, bioinspired materials have emerged as potential candidates. Specifically, materials based on catechol molecules, present in various living organisms (e.g., mussels), have been shown to have unprecedented adhesive properties in wet conditions, biocompatibility, affordable scalable processes and low toxicity. Recently, our group has filed a patent on the production of catechol-based membranes with excellent regenerative properties, which can be applied as a ready-to-use patch directly to damaged tissue. The scholarship candidate will explore the formation and multifunctionalization of these bioadhesive membranes for its application in regenerative medicine. It will mainly focus on the functionalization of the active molecules for their controlled release in the damaged tissue, thus allowing for the regeneration of the tissue and its treatment (e.g., analgesics for pain). In parallel, the in vivo validation of materials is being developed in different tissues, such as skin and cartilage.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this JAE fellowship, which ranges from chemical synthesis, characterization of new materials and their final application in medicine, the candidate will obtain excellent knowledge and skills that will help complement his/her research training, encouraging his/her future career. Specifically, the candidate will become familiar with the synthesis and formation of bioinspired polymers that incorporate functionalities depending on the final application (e.g., antibodies, growth factors, specific markers and active molecules, among others). On the other hand, various characterization techniques will be used both from a physicochemical point of view (e.g., FT-IR and UV-vis spectroscopy, optical, fluorescence and electron microscopy) and biological (e.g., in vitro assays for cytotoxicity, cell internalization, biodegradation, etc.). The candidate will be part of the project launched that collaborates with other research groups (Institute of Neurosciences – INc-UAB and Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine – IBB-UAB) and hospitals (Vienna Medical University, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu and Hospital Vall d’Hebron).

The fellowships are offered by the Instituto de Química Médica # JAECONEXIONES (IQM) to choose from among all the members of the “Conexión-Medicina CSIC” network. Specifically, Nanosfun is offering the JAEintro with the code: JAE_Nanomed_31.

All the applications have to be done through this link.

The deadline for applications is next 30th of November

If you need more info or help, contact with us!