Futurechromes technology highlighted in a specialized motor publication

Futurechromes technology highlighted in a specialized motor publication

14 May 2020

Recently, the technology developed by our Spin-Off Futrechromes S.L. has been collected by the FORMULAMOTO publication, specialized in the world of motorcycles.

The publication explains the advances and developments carried out by Futurechromes that allow the use of photochromic technology for helmet screens based on the nanoencapsulation of photosensitive dyes. This technology allows obtaining photochromic visors with a much faster response than that of conventional products on the market.

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The nanoencapsulation technology of photochromic dyes was developed during the completion of the industrial doctoral Thesis carried out by Dr. HĂ©ctor Torres Pierna in collaboration with other researchers from Nanosfun and the UAB. This novel methodology allows for the formation of photosensitive dyes that change color freely and without hindrance. In this way, when exposed to sunlight, the materials incorporating the nanocapsules achieve a change in color in just a few seconds autonomously.

Click to see the publication here! (In spanish)