Dr. Noemí Contreras-Pereda awarded for the best publication within the Women Talent Programme of ICN2

Dr. Noemí Contreras-Pereda awarded for the best publication within the Women Talent Programme of ICN2

7 Mar 2022

The ICN2 Women Talent Programme recognizes the best Project, Publication and Thesis authored by women.

On 7th March, the ICN2 celebrated the Women Talent Programme Final Event, awarding and recognizing the best projects, publications and thesis authored by women scientists at ICN2. This year, our former PhD student, Dr. Noemí Contreras-Pereda, was awarded for the best paper, which was published in 2021: “Synthesis of 2D porous crystalline materials in simulated microgravity.”

Dr. Noemí Contreras-Pereda receives the award for best publication from Pablo Ordejón, director of ICN2.

The ICN2 Women Talent Programme involves a series of actions aimed at supporting women scientists and promoting visibility of their research activity, both inside and outside ICN2. This initiative is led by the Equal Opportunities Committee and funded through the Severo Ochoa Award as one of its crosscutting actions.

ICN2 is aware of the challenges that female researchers have to face in their career. It is well known that the progression of women in early stages of their research careers is characterized by a “pipeline” behaviour, which shows a large decrease in women pursuing a postdoc after obtaining a PhD. Fewer still reach senior or leadership positions. This constitutes a major challenge for women scientists in the intermediate stages of their research career who do not hold a permanent position. They are under strong pressure to demonstrate leadership positions, since funding schemes from public sources and competitive calls usually require such leadership skills to be already demonstrated.

The ICN2 Women Talent programme is aimed at overcoming these barriers by conferring the following Awards and Grants:

  • Best Female PhD Thesis Award
  • Best Published Paper – PhD student Award
  • Best Published Paper – Postdoc Award
  • Women Talent Postdoc Grant
  • Women Talent Senior Grant

These actions are expected to have a positive impact in the future of the professional careers of the awarded women, thus contributing to correct the biases that affect female researchers.

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