Dr. Claudio Roscini, Dr. Àlex Julià and Aleix Carrascull participated in the 2022 Puzzle X Event

Dr. Claudio Roscini, Dr. Àlex Julià and Aleix Carrascull participated in the 2022 Puzzle X Event

15 Nov 2022

Nanosfun members participated in the 2nd Edition of the Puzzle X devoted to advanced materials and frontier technologies for a new world.

On November 15-17th together with the Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona), the 2nd Edition of Puzzle X took place, halfway between an exhibition and a conference, gathering entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and deep tech professionals interested in designing the world to come.

The event had different sessions focused on innovative projects and with special emphasis on technology transfer. In this sense, different members of our group participated during the celebration of the event. The ICN2 took part with contributions in talks and roundtables by few researchers, participation in a poster session dedicated to young scientists, and a booth in the exhibition area, where visitors could learn about research developed. In this sense, our Senior Researcher, Dr. Claudio Roscini, participated as CEO of the Spin-Off Futurechromes, sharing his vision and experience in the technology transfer process. Besides, Dr. Claudio Roscini participated in a round table session with two other ICN2 Spin-Offs (Cooling Photonics and GraphenicaLab) chaired by Dr. Pablo Pomposiello, Head of the ICN2 Business and Innovation Area.

During the event, Aleix Carrascull our Research Technician and Technical Developer of Futurechromes, also participated showing the last advances achieved in the Spin-Off.

Finally, Dr. Àlex Julià López, our former PhD Student and current Funder and CTO of the new Spin-Off Distinkt explian his experience as scientist entrepreneur.

This year’s edition was dedicated to exploring how bold ideas and frontier technologies will actually impact humanity and shape the future of people, cities, industries, societies and, ultimately, of our planet. The thread linking all these perspectives and developments is the need for creating a more sustainable and prosperous future.