Congratulations Dr. Salvio Suárez-García!

Congratulations Dr. Salvio Suárez-García!

29 Nov 2019

Today Dr. Salvio Suárez-García has presented his Doctoral Thesis entitled Colloidal CoordinationPolymer Nanostructures: Novel Thermochromic and Bioimaging Probes. The Thesis has been carried out within the Materials Sciences Program of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

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From left to right: Dr. Fernando Novio, Prof. Daniel Ruiz-Molina, Dr. Jordi Llop (CIC biomaGUNE), Dr. Salvio Suárez-García, Prof. Félix Zamora (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) and Prof. Michael Hannon (Univeristy of Birmingham).

The Thesis of Dr. Salvio Suárez has been particularly focused on the fine-tune of the properties of nanostructured materials based on coordination polymers, which were obtained by different synthetic routes. The method of synthesis, the proper selection of precursors and the study of the final properties has centered the work carried out. Additionally, the formation of water-stable colloidal suspensions was established as a principal requirement for their potential application. In the first part of his Thesis, the nanostructuration of Fe(II)-based switchable systems with spin crossover was achieved by following two different strategies: i) a top-down methodology based on liquid-phase exfoliation and ii) a bottom-up approach, where the synthesis of novel nanoparticles was possible by modulating the reaction-diffusion using microfluidic-based methodologies. In both cases, the nanostructured materials were integrated in polymeric matrices to evaluate their potential application as proof-of-concept thermochromic films. In the second part, a novel family of nanoscale coordination polymers was proposed through its rational synthesis by using one-pot reaction as a synthetic route. The nanoparticles obtained were validated by preclinical in vivo tests showing interesting performance as potential bioimaging agents for glioblastoma and lung diseases.

The Thesis Comitte was composed by:
President: Prof. Michael Hannon (Univeristy of Birmingham)
Dr. Jordi Llop (CIC biomaGUNE)
Prof. Félix Zamora (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and IMDEA)

His directors Prof. Daniel Ruiz-Molina and Dr. Fernando Novio and the whole Nanosfun family are proud of such a good job!