Congratulations Dr. Álex Julià!

Congratulations Dr. Álex Julià!

19 Dec 2019

Today Dr. Álex Julià has presented his Doctoral Thesis entitled Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Materials Based on Micro and Nanocapsules. The Thesis has been carried out within the Materials Sciences Program of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

From left to right: Prof. Daniel Ruiz-Molina, Dr. Carlos Lodeiro Espiño (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa), Dr. David González Gálvez (LEITAT), Dr. Àlex Julià, Dr. Claudio Roscini and Dr. Uwe Pischel (Universidad de Huelva).

Dr. Álex Julià has developed his Thesis in chromogenic smart materials and their integration in devices for real applications.

His thesis aimed to develop a straightforward and universal strategy that not only allows obtaining stimuli-responsive (light, temperature, pH) solid materials but also gives access to: i) direct transfer of bulk solution chromogenic/emissive properties (even combination of them) into the solid state, ii) easy tunability of the optical performances and iii) sophisticated chromogenic effects, beyond the typical photochromic and thermochromic response. The general strategy relied on the assembling of chromogenic and emissive dyes with interacting media/molecules in micro/nanostructures obtaining performances that could not achieve otherwise. Interestingly, as a proof of concept of this strategy, three types of advanced chromogenic materials have been developed: i) polymeric films with tunable and switchable reverse photochromism, ii) multi-stimuli responsive (pH and temperature) materials, and iii) high-temperature threshold fluorescent sensors.

The Thesis Comitte was composed by:
President: Dr. Carlos Lodeiro Espiño (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
Dr. David González Gálvez (LEITAT Technological Center)
Dr. Uwe Pischel (Universidad de Huelva)

His directors Prof. Daniel Ruiz-Molina and Dr. Claudio Roscini and the whole Nanosfun family are proud of such a good job!